Forget the way we’ve always done things. Our way of working has changing.

From a instinctive feeling for simplicity we create bridges to solve complex problems and achieve digital connections between ideas, consumers and corporates. Our working method Blend Design and Python applications are the results of that.

We are not stereotypical thinkers. We are multi-disciplinary digital creatives that achieve goals for those who understand the deeper meaning of creating their own (business) applications that will flourish your business.

If you want boundaries stay mainstream and download something from the web. Contact mr mister when you are ready to start realising your dreams.

Python applications

We created our own proprietary framework with Python for mission-critical, commercial applications. This allows us to rapidly develop high-end customised solutions that meet your needs. It also allows us to focus on building the best solution instantly. Applications like content management, intervention, e-commerce, matchmaking or crowdfunding are just a couple of solutions. Our Python applications will run on any other computer regardless of the operating system you use.